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Zoetis colleagues in a lab
Life at Zoetis
Meet Our Colleagues
White cows in field White cows in field White cows in field Ezequiel a Colleague Spotlight

“My cross-cultural awareness and bilingual training facilitation has played an important role in helping my customers.”

Ezequiel Guzman Continuous Improvement Program Manager Read More
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Harveen a colleague spotlight
Corporate Functions

“We wanted to understand the opportunities for the best customer experience and create a best-in-class eCommerce platform.”

Harveen Director of eCommerce and Web
Anupa Intern Spotlight

“I see an empowering and inclusive culture at Zoetis.”

Anupa Intern
Christopher Intern Spotlight

“Everyone that I have encountered would drop anything to help me.”

Christopher Schell Intern
Dori Intern Spotlight

“Everyone has been so welcoming, supportive and has made sure that all my needs are met.”

Dori Kralj Intern
Geoffrey Brandt Intern Spotlight

“Zoetis has really given me opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to take if I weren’t here this summer.”

Geoffrey Brandt Intern
Hannah Intern Spotlight

“My experience as a Finance Intern at Zoetis has helped me see how accounting and finance principals are applied in the corporate setting.”

Hannah Goldstein Intern
Jonah Ryan Intern Spotlight

“Everybody at Zoetis is open to answer any question, so it’s a great place to learn!”

Jonah Ryan Intern
Raven Nakai Griffin Intern Spotlight

“I was able to network and make connections with veterinarians, which has been my favorite part.”

Raven Nakai Griffin Intern
Anqin an intern spotlight

“Zoetis colleagues help their interns succeed. This is a huge factor that differentiates Zoetis from other companies.”

Anqin Intern
Namrata a colleague spotlight

“The most amazing thing about this internship experience is that it really bridged the gap between learning things in school and applying some of this knowledge into a reality…”

Namrata Intern
Kate a colleague spotlight
Global Manufacturing and Supply

“Educating yourself is one of the most powerful tools.”

Kate Global Head of Demand Planning and New Product Introduction
Rachna: A colleague spotlight
Commercial Operations

“My main goal is to bring all activities and teams together to ensure that all of our decision making is more data-driven.”

Rachna Manager, Petcare Marketing Measurement and Optimization
Kevin a Colleague Spotlight
Corporate Functions

“Embracing neurodivergent colleagues can shift perceptions.”

Kevin Talent and Inclusion Associate
Ruth Colleague Spotlight
Veterinary Medicine R&D

“I'm proud to be part of a company that fosters a culture of inclusion.”

Ruth Principal Scientist, VMRD Global Diagnostics
William Danzey
Commercial Operations

“Inclusion is woven into the fabric of what Zoetis is.”

William Zoetis Global Process Procure-to-Pay Owner
Commercial Operations

“Change is an opportunity to take control and guide the situation rather than be swept away by it.”

Kulpreeya General Manager, Thailand
Colleague Spotlight Laura
Commercial Operations

“I remember hearing from veterinarians that pet owners said, ‘I got my dog back.’ And it felt remarkable to deliver this innovation for these animals.”

Laura Vice President of U.S. Petcare
Colleague Spotlight Alicia
Veterinary Medicine R&D

“My favorite thing was to watch the veterinarians on the farm tending to the cattle.”

Alicia European Head of Biologicals & Vaccine Research
Colleague Spotlight Rohit
Corporate Functions

“I joined Zoetis because the company believes in taking challenges and delivering on those challenges.”

Rohit Global Financial Services Lead
Colleague Spotlight Dawn
Global Manufacturing and Supply

“It's the high-level strategic piece that gives me a buzz.”

Dawn Global API Lead
Colleague Spotlight Paulo
Corporate Functions

“I wanted to be a veterinarian who understood my clients’ business.”

Paulo Commercial Development and Lifecycle Innovation Lead
Colleague Spotlight Spoorthi
Corporate Functions

“It’s encouraging to be involved with projects with great women leaders from across the business. I find it inspiring.”

Spoorthi ITS Product Manager and Solution Partner
Colleague Spotlight Saba
Commercial Operations

“I’m always looking for opportunities to make things better, easier, and faster.”

Saba Senior Manager, Business Analytics
Colleague Spotlight Caleb

“This internship has been a great experience.”

Caleb Intern
Colleague Spotlight Savana

“They treat me like a future colleague.”

Savana Intern
Colleague Spotlight Brian

“The members of my team are so passionate about their projects which motivates me even further.”

Brian intern
Colleague Spotlight Sayli

“I’m proud of the work I produce and I feel comfortable asking questions.”

Sayli Intern
Colleague Spotlight Mike G.
Commercial Operations

“The fun part of my job is interacting with my customers.”

Mike Territory Business Manager, U.S. Companion Animal
Colleague Spotlight Roni
Veterinary Medicine R&D

“I’ve always had a need to continue to grow & change; Zoetis has provided a place for me to do that.”

Roni Director, Veterinary Medicine Research and Development
Colleague Spotlight Vikram
Commercial Operations

“I was blessed to work with really smart people who welcomed me very warmly into their operations.”

Vikram Director, Strategic Market Development, Japan
Colleague Spotlight Christina
Veterinary Medicine R&D

“I’m proud to work at Zoetis because I’m always challenged, given opportunities, and rewarded.”

Cristina Senior Applied Bioresearch Scientist, BioDevices
Colleague Spotlight Brian
Global Manufacturing and Supply

“Site leadership at Kalamazoo has always been receptive to new ideas no matter where they come from.”

Brian Senior Packaging Technician, Global Manufacturing and Supply
Colleague Spotlight Ana
Corporate Functions

“I’m motivated by our innovations and authentic concern for animal welfare.”

Ana Director, Human Resources