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Colleague Spotlight Savana

For intern Savana, Zoetis provided the perfect hands-on experience to build her bacterial expertise and experiment with advanced analytical tools – opportunities outside the scope of her graduate studies in food science. Working in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Savana is supporting the VMRD Analytical Sciences department on a proof of concept study, examining the correlation between bacterial plate counts and counts achieved by Flow Cytometry, in the hopes that Flow Cytometry can be introduced as a means to assess bacteria material in real time.

“Everyone I’ve met at Zoetis has been so willing to speak with me about their careers. They treat me like a future colleague.”

Trying to correlate traditional plate counts with counts from a flow cytometer, an instrument that utilizes light scatter and fluorescence to count cells, she is hoping to speed up the tier method for Bordetella bronchiseptica by 48 hours. In addition to conducting this study, Savana has been able to widen her skillset in other areas, including cell culture techniques. Currently finishing up her master’s in food science, she is about to begin her PhD program in Animal Science at Texas Tech University and hopes to work in the animal health industry. Meanwhile, Savana enjoys the fast pace of Zoetis while balancing a variety of side projects to further her education.