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Global Financial Services Lead
Corporate Functions
Colleague Spotlight Rohit

Rohit’s career has taken him from continent to continent, touching down in enough countries to give a backpacker terminal envy, from India to Poland. But his work has focused on cutting-edge technology that’s as far from rugged mountain treks as it’s possible to be — and a passion for continuous improvement makes him a vital part of Zoetis’ present, and future.

As Zoetis’ Global Financial Services Lead, Rohit optimizes end-to-end processes in accounting, reporting and other financial operations. This may seem like a back-office role, but Rohit and his team’s improved processes transform customer experience and add tremendous value to Zoetis’ customer-facing business.

Rohit’s commitment to an environment of constant change and improvement catalyzed his move to Zoetis in 2014, when he was recruited to lead our Financial Shared Service center in Warsaw, Poland’s sprawling capital. Zoetis’ ambitious culture thrilled him.“I joined Zoetis because the company believes in taking challenges and delivering on those challenges,” he said.

A Journey Towards Simplification

‘Keep it Simple, Services’ might be a mantra for Zoetis’ endless desire for increased strategic simplicity — and Rohit has helped hold its torch. Hundreds of thousands of transactions are processed through Zoetis Financial Shared Services. Rohit and his team harness data analytics to automate some of the Shared Service work within the ERP system: he’s bringing artificial intelligence to the books. 

Rohit’s efforts in robotics promise to marry Big Data and AI to expedite processes.They will also make business decisions, from easing vendor payment systems to helping colleagues improve their travel expense reports.

Not only is Rohit helping remap Zoetis’ financial services: he’s remapped his life with us. He moved to New Jersey exactly one year ago from Warsaw when he was promoted from Poland’s Site Leader to Senior Director of Global Financial Shared Services. Rohit also flies between the three Zoetis Shared Service Centers in Poland, Costa Rica and the United States, connecting countries and streamlining the business in each. It’s a heady travel roster made far simpler, Rohit says, by his excellent colleagues all around the world: “It takes a One Zoetis approach to integrate these global business services. I get great support from colleagues in ITS, tax, and finance.We work with leaders within the organization to identify and deliver opportunities for simplification.”

“When change is the only constant, leaders must adopt a strong team culture as the foundation for accomplishing objectives. Rohit does just that.”

Empowering His Team to Succeed

Leading transformation has been integral to Rohit’s work since joining Zoetis, when there were many critical projects in play to stand the company up after its separation from Pfizer. When change is the only constant, leaders must adopt a strong team culture as the foundation for accomplishing objectives. Rohit does just that.

Łukasz, Site Lead, Financial Shared Services, Poland, described how Rohit lives the Zoetis Core Beliefs in his management style: “I have been working with Rohit for over five years now and admire his constant enthusiasm, engagement and dedication towards continuous improvement and the growth of Zoetis Financial Services organization – all done with a One Zoetis mindset. He always lives Zoetis values, and I personally appreciate his Run it Like You Own It approach that was very inspiring during our ramp-up stage and subsequent finance transformations. As a leader he clearly believes that Our Colleagues Make the Difference and fosters colleague development opportunities within our team, which makes him a great manager.”

When asked what Rohit is like as a leader, Lizette, Continuous Improvement Lead, had a lot to say about her manager: “Rohit has many great qualities so it’s hard to choose one. As a leader in Zoetis, one that stands out the most is his excellent people management style. His flexibility and openness to different and innovative ideas allows his team to grow. He provides the necessary guidance to drive solutions and to ensure the best outcome for Zoetis as a whole. At the same time, allowing his teams to foster our Zoetis “Run it Like You Own It” mentality and culture. Overall, he is very understanding, reasonable, compassionate, and most importantly, cares about his team members. I wouldn’t have it any other way!"

Rohit and family