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Manager, Petcare Marketing Measurement and Optimization
Commercial Operations
Rachna: A colleague spotlight

Rachna Narem joined Zoetis just over a year ago, but in her time here she has already made a positive impact on our business – and our culture. Rachna started her role as Manager, Petcare Marketing Measurement and Optimization, only six days before the coronavirus pandemic forced our office-based colleagues in New Jersey to work from home. But even while finding her way in a new role remotely, Rachna has been bringing people together for good.

As the lead for Petcare marketing optimization, Rachna takes a holistic view of all the different promotional work and campaigns the teams are doing, analyzes their impact, and transforms these data-driven insights into highly valuable strategic actions.

“My job has several layers. First, there’s understanding the data. Second, understanding how the cross-channel teams are working together and figuring out how to help them optimize their efforts in a concerted way,” she said. “My main goal is to bring all activities and teams together to ensure that all of our decision making is more data-driven.”

“My main goal is to bring all activities and teams together to ensure that all of our decision making is more data-driven.”

“To support Petcare’s growth aspirations, leadership identified Marketing Optimization as a strategic priority to help our marketers optimize their advertising and promotion investments,” explained Ted Gannon, Head of Petcare Digital Marketing. “As you can imagine, this is a new, sensitive and relatively complex topic, so it takes someone special who can navigate this change. Rachna has done that, educating the team and building strong relationships on the way to delivering first generation models that will lead to increased sales and profitability.”

Rachna joined Zoetis with a strong background in analytics. She started her career doing research for NASA as she was pursuing her master’s degree in Statistics and Economics from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and went on to gain over a decade of experience at marketing agencies working across industries and geographies.

Graduate school was her first time living away from her parents’ home in India, which she said was tough in the beginning, but her passion for her studies and her work helped assuage her homesickness. (She never did end up using the open-ended one-way emergency airline ticket her father slipped her as she boarded the plane to Alabama.)

There was another difficult thing to get used to during Rachna’s studies. Her program had a lack of representation: there weren’t any other South Asian women. Rachna didn’t let this stop her, but she did remember the importance of representation as she built her career. To encourage cultural awareness, Rachna and her colleagues at her previous marketing agency set up a group for Asian and South Asian colleagues to foster understanding, discourse, networking opportunities, and of course, fun!  

So when Zoetis formalized its diversity and equity commitments last year by standing up several colleague resource groups, Rachna again saw an opportunity for an Asian and South Asian representation and stepped forward to initiate it. And what better time to share her plans than during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month?

“Our group, Asians in Rising (ART), will create a space for networking, professional development, community outreach and social activities for the Asian and South Asian community at Zoetis,” said Rachna. “We want colleagues – not just Asian American colleagues – to have an opportunity to share cultural and career inspirations within Zoetis and outside the company to a larger community in the industry.”

Of course, any Zoetis colleagues are welcome to join this group. Whether it’s someone wanting to learn more about a different culture or show their allyship and support. The main goal is to increase understanding. 

Since joining Zoetis, Rachna said there’s one Core Belief that especially resonates with her: Run it Like you Own It. She said she loves the way colleagues are empowered to be entrepreneurial at Zoetis, which is no surprise in the way she’s found her niche for business and social good in her short time as a colleague. Whether nurturing relationships across the business to optimize marketing efforts or uniting colleagues to learn from one another, Rachna is a driving force for positive collaboration. And we look forward to seeing what else she will accomplish with her great attitude.

Rachna: A colleague spotlight