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Director of eCommerce and Web
Corporate Functions
Harveen a colleague spotlight

Harveen Chennapragada, our Director of eCommerce and Web, saw early in her career the amazing impact that technology and business transformations can have. She came to the United States from India in 2007 to implement an emergency crew dispatch system for an energy and gas company in Michigan. It didn't take long for her software implementation to show its benefits.

“As destiny would have it, within a week of our system's launch, Michigan was hit with one of the biggest winter storms in its history," she said. The software Harveen and her team implemented saved lives. “There were several cases of emergencies with lines down and power outages across the state, and because of the work my team had done, the emergency crews could better reach people in need which, ultimately, saved lives."

Making a positive impact has continued to be a driving force in Harveen's career. For the last seven years she's been harnessing digital technology at Zoetis to improve the lives of animals and those who care for them. Harveen was part of the team that helped stand up core enterprise solutions as we spun off from Pfizer and laid the technological foundation for serving our customers, many of which are still in use. While enabling business transformation through technology is her specialty, Harveen has also embraced transforming her own career.

In 2017, shortly after she returned from maternity leave with her second child, Harveen accepted a new opportunity to lead the Zoetis eCommerce application team. eCommerce was a new domain – not only for Harveen, but in the animal health industry and to Zoetis in many markets. “We wanted to understand the opportunities for the best customer experience and create a best-in-class eCommerce platform. eCommerce at such global scale wasn't really heard of in the animal health industry, so it was a unique opportunity – and we made the best use of it."

“Our success has also been because of a great team where all colleagues make the difference.”

Harveen successfully started leading eCommerce, while also having a newborn at home, which she said was possible because of the flexibility offered to her by Zoetis leadership and her supportive family. “I think the support system that I had from a leadership perspective and my Zoetis mentors was great and I'm very thankful for that support through the steep learning curve. I also drew a lot of strength from my family, which keeps me grounded at all times," said Harveen. “Our success has also been because of a great team where all colleagues make the difference. I have had a unique opportunity to build the ZTD Commerce team from the ground up. We have highly talented individuals in the team, and it is great to see them grow."

That support system and collaborative “One Zoetis" environment is one of Harveen's favorite things about working at Zoetis. As a member of Zoetis Tech & Digital, Harveen works cross-functionally to plan, strategize and develop our comprehensive eCommerce websites for veterinary professionals in markets across the globe. Their work creates seamless on-line interactions between animal health professionals and Zoetis, which is tailored to different market needs and preferences. Customers have the ability to research and order crucial veterinary products at their fingertips 24/ 7.  

At home, Harveen and her husband, Sushant, have two boys, Smaran, age 10, and Srihan, age 4. Harveen likes to play with her kids, read books, or cook – something her whole “foodie" family enjoy, too. When she takes time away from Zoetis, Harveen loves to retreat to a quiet place with her family where they can spend quality time together.

Harveen with family