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Hannah Goldstein
Hannah Intern Spotlight

Our Summer 2021 Intern Program included 70 talented interns from across the United States who have made valuable contributions to many aspects of our business, including R&D, manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Tech & Digital and Enabling Functions. Meet Hannah, a Finance Accounting intern on our R&D team. Hannah attends Tulan University where she is completing both her bachelor's and master’s degree. Read below to learn more about Hannah.

Can you describe your experience as a Zoetis Intern?

In school you learn so much and are told how it’s going to apply in the real world, but it’s hard to imagine what that really means. My experience as a Finance Intern at Zoetis has helped me see how accounting and finance principles are applied in a corporate setting and it has helped me see what my future career could look like.

Is there a colleague who has made an impact your experience?

My manager, Sandra Carahaly, has been great at answering any questions I have and consistently checking in with me. The first couple weeks of my internship she introduced me to many different colleagues, so I felt comfortable reaching out to them and sending emails. She also exposed me to different finance and accounting colleagues to get perspective on what my career journey could look like. Her support, guidance, and generosity is extremely appreciated.

What has stood out most about Zoetis’ culture?

I could tell from my interview when I was asked what I wanted to get out of the internship experience that this would be a valuable experience. The “Our Colleagues Make The Difference” Core Belief is a pillar of the culture that has stood out to me. Even as an intern, everyone treats me as if “Our Interns Make The Difference” and hearing from other interns, I have found that this is a common experience.

What is the most fulfilling project you’ve worked on?

My role as a Finance Intern includes reviewing projects, noticing financial discrepancies and analyzing the results. At the end of my internship, I will present my findings and suggestions on how to fix these discrepancies going forward. I have not only applied what I have been learning in school, but also contributed truly meaningful work that I hope is helpful to my team and Zoetis as a whole.