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Colleague Spotlight Caleb

Imagine the opportunity to meet with livestock producers to examine the data on their farms and find new ways to improve the reproductive health of their cattle. For Caleb, a student at the University of Wisconsin, it’s the ideal internship for putting his double major in computer science and dairy science to work.

“This internship has been a great experience and makes me excited about the future because I’ve been able to see the difference I can make with my two majors.”

As part of the U.S. commercial team in Parsippany, New Jersey, Caleb is supporting the U.S. Precision Dairy Production team helping to devise a program that can easily analyze the performance of our SMARTBOW® monitoring systems. SMARTBOW helps monitor herd health using digital ear tags. It’s also used for helping dairy farmers check the location of cattle on the farm, along with heat and rumination behaviors of cattle. As a result, farmers can use data generated by the system to help improve the reproductive health of their herds. As part of Caleb’s role, he visits dairy farms in the Midwest to evaluate their potential for a SMARTBOW system. Caleb is entering his third year of college and hopes to land a career that combines his passion for dairy farming and digital technology to generate data insights that will take farm productivity to a new level.