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Anqin an intern spotlight

Our Summer 2021 Intern Program included 70 talented interns from across the United States who have made valuable contributions to many aspects of our business, including R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Tech & Digital and Enabling Functions. Meet Anqin, a University of Michigan student who is working with our Inside & Digital Sales team to support U.S. sales efforts. Learn more about Anqin below.

What is your role at Zoetis?

I am an Inside and Digital Sales Intern this summer at Zoetis. I work on a variety of technical projects aimed at supporting U.S. sales efforts and developing key performance indicators (KPIs). I leverage large amounts of data to create user-friendly tables and charts in Excel. I also develop content for our monthly presentations to the Inside & Digital Sales team. .

Who is your biggest influencer at Zoetis?

My mentor, Mackenzie Griffin, has been a significant part of my amazing experience at Zoetis. Mackenzie will always take the time out of his busy schedule to give me guidance. In general, everyone at Zoetis strives to help their interns succeed. This is a huge factor that differentiates Zoetis from other companies. 

What is your favorite part of your internship?

My favorite part about interning at Zoetis is being able to work with such supportive colleagues. I am very grateful for them. They have made this an amazing experience.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Growing up, I benefited from many community service events in my local area, so I give back as much as I can. I like to spend some weekends helping others through community service like volunteering at the Red Cross to regulate traffic and handing out food and clothing to those in need.

What is a fun fact about you?

Basketball has been particularly impactful to my life. Once I started playing basketball regularly, I became more focused on taking care of myself and developed my social skills with others through our mutual interests. Also, I like to go by the nickname “Q"!